Boxtera Brew

Boxtera Brew - Ande's Roast 

We Coffee Drinkers LOVE our coffee! I should know. I am one. And as a Coffee Drinker, I always love trying new beans from various parts of the world. There's just something exciting about getting that cup of coffee in our hands. That rush of knowing that the warm, invigorating addiction is about to make its way onto our palette. It's more than just the fresh aroma and the amazing taste. It's the soothing of the soul that our perfect cup of coffee offers us. And we always get it just the way we like it! Cream and sugar. Just cream. Sugar only. Hot n black. Whatever our fancy, coffee-our-way is a friend. Our Boxtera Brew was a Peruvian Andes Roast! A delicious, high-end Arabica coffee, grown in the high altitude regions of northern Peru. It's moderate acidity with soft body and flavor, makes it perfect to brew alone or to blend with other choice beans.

      10 oz Bag

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