Reward Your Employees With Snacks

Healthy Snacks for Employees

The holidays are right around the corner, and as a boss there is no better time to show your appreciation for your employees than to purchase a Boxtera Monthly Membership for everyone to enjoy! Not only will you earn cool points in the office, but you will be promoting healthier eating habits!

Everyone knows that snacking on junk food throughout the day can result in unwanted weight gain, but did you know that depending on what you snack on it can have a huge impact on your productivity? By providing your employees with high nutrient snacks you will see their mood, focus levels, and overall productivity improve! 

FeedYourEmployeesEmployees value healthy options, according to a recent study conducted by ORC International, 83% of office workers agree that having fresh and healthy snack options provided in the work place is a huge perk. A shocking 66% of millennials agreed: "If I found a job at another company with better perks, including free snacks, I would take it." 

The survey also found that free snacks do not go underutilized in the workplace. Among the offices who do provide free snacking options, nearly half of the workers (48%) consume a snack 1-4 times per week, while another three in ten (29%) snack once or more per day. This makes sense since 56% of all full-time office workers agree "I hit an afternoon slump if I don't have any snacks to refuel." 

When that afternoon slump hits during the work day, most of us reach for the closest chocolate bar or other high sugar treat. The problem with this is that these snacks are full of empty calories and are not an ideal choice if you hope to be productive the remainder of the day. Snacks like almonds, trail mix, dark chocolate, or dried fruit are much smarter choices for both your brain power and focus levels! Not to mention, they’re delicious!

Boxtera’s Monthly Company Box will send your office 20 different snacks every month for only $49.95! This particular box gives you the freedom to choose what snacks you want, with a huge selection of over 40 different snacks to choose from! Earn ever more cool points by conducting a survey with your employees on what snacks they would enjoy most!

Some of our favorite energy boosting snacks include our Cherry Almond Crunch, Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Healthy Hiker, and Organic Boxtera Bites. For more snack options visit our snack shop.

If you believe the Company Box is too large for your small company check out our other box options. We promise there is something for everyone's taste buds! Happy Snacking!


Amanda Killingsworth
Amanda Killingsworth


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