Boxtera’s Red Banana Pepper Chips for the Win

Boxtera's Red Pepper Banana Chips

Yes, you read the title correctly--Boxtera has turned the beloved munchie snack into a healthy fruit hybrid! Our Red Pepper Banana Chips is a different take on the traditional sweet banana chips, and will blow you away with their kick of chili pepper flavor. Put down the bag of greasy potato chips, and make the smarter choice for your tastebuds and health.

To truly outline the many health benefits of our Red Pepper Banana Chips we will be comparing key aspects of their nutritional value to the popular Lays BBQ Flavored Potato Chips.


According to the American Heart Association too much sodium in your system results in your body retaining too much water. Excess water in your body creates a burden on your heart and blood vessels, which increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. Lay’s BBQ Flavored Potato Chips contains 6% of your daily value of sodium--yikes. While our Red Pepper Banana Chips contains none!

Red Pepper Banana Chips: 1, Lays BBQ Flavored Potato Chips: 0


Many of us associate fiber with bodily functions we’d rather not think about. However, eating foods high in dietary fiber does much more than keep you regular. It’s known to lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, improve your skin, and help you lose weight. Lays BBQ Flavored Chips contains only 6% of suggested daily value, while our Red Pepper Banana Chips contains 12% of daily value. By snacking on high fiber snacks you will be sure to look and feel your very best.

Red Pepper Banana Chips: 2, Lays BBQ Flavored Potato Chips: 0

Healthy Fats

In our previous blog we discussed various foods that are healthy sources of fats. A big part of this category was healthy oils that are great sources of fat. Our Red Pepper Banana Chips are cooked in the healthiest oil we could find, coconut oil. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that help with weight loss and brain function! On the other hand, Lays BBQ Flavored Chips are cooked in canola oil, which is low in essential nutrients.

Red Pepper Banana Chips: 3, Lays BBQ Flavored Potato Chips: 0

Our snack option is the clear winner here! Make the smart choice, and choose Boxtera’s Red Pepper Banana Chips next time you have a craving for a crispy snack!
Sarah Francis
Sarah Francis


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