As a child, eating was simple--eat three solid meals a day, and you would be rewarded with a snack after dinner. But, were our parents wrong all along with this eating regimen? Recent research shows that snacking throughout the day may be more beneficial than eating your typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here are some reasons you should consider snacking more!

Healthy Snacking Increases Your Resting Metabolic Rate

Your metabolism speeds up every time you eat. In order to keep your metabolism rate elevated you should spread out your daily caloric intake by spreading out snacks throughout the day. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that snacking led to increased weight loss, lower cholesterol, and lower insulin levels. But remember, it’s vital to choose the right snacks that contain nutritional value. Try sticking things like veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

Healthy Snacking Curbs Your Cravings

Healthy frequent snacking increases your resting metabolic rate, which in turn levels out your blood sugar. This makes you less likely to succumb to your craving for a donut or a greasy burger. By snacking throughout the day on snacks packed with nutrients you need like fiber and protein, it acts as a protector against low blood sugar, which usually result in sudden cravings.

Healthy Snacking Acts as a Power Booster

Have you ever experienced the post-meal sleepiness, where all you want to do is crawl into bed after a hefty dinner? Well consuming small nutritional snacks rather than large meals acts as a total energy booster, that helps keep you going all day long. According to Harvard Health, this approach can reduce your perception of fatigue because your brain, which has very few energy reserves of its own, needs a steady supply of nutrients.

Healthy Snacking Improves you Overall Health

Think of it this way, the more often you eat, the higher your chances are that you are consuming important vitamins and minerals during your day. When you only eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner you only have 3 chances to consume the essential nutrients.

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Happy Snacking!
Sarah Francis
Sarah Francis


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