Boxtera's Cinnamon Honey Pretzels for the Win  

Honey Cinnamon Pretzels

Don’t let our Cinnamon Honey Pretzels name fool you, it’s not actually a pretzel--it’s just shaped like one! It’s actually a graham, and boy is it delicious! The delightful sweet flavor has been compared to the popular Teddy Graham snack in the past, and today we would like to show you hard evidence on why our Honey Cinnamon Pretzels are not only the obvious choice for your taste buds, but also your health.

If you’re feeling nostalgic about thinking about eating Teddy Grahams as a kid, you may not want to stop reading here. We are about to explain the various ways our similar tasting snack is healthier by leaps and bounds. (Warning: nutritional facts contained herein will have you muttering, “Now why didn’t we have nutritional yet tasty snacks like this when I was a youngster?”) Good news people-- you’re never too old for a satisfying snack!


Almost every tissue, organ, and cell in the body depends on protein to function, making it extremely important. Cinnamon flavored Teddy Grahams only contain 2 grams of protein, while our Honey Cinnamon Pretzels contain 6 grams. That’s a big difference!

Honey Cinnamon Pretzels: 1; Teddy Grahams: 0


Too much sodium causes your body to hold onto water, which puts an extra burden on your heart and blood vessels, often causing high blood pressure. Cinnamon flavored Teddy Grahams contain 100 mg of sodium! While our Honey Cinnamon Pretzels contain 95 mg.

Honey Cinnamon Pretzels: 2; Teddy Grahams: 0


Carbs can be beneficial, but if your diet contains an overload of carbs they can quickly turn from friend to foe. Causing unwanted weight gain, it’s important to watch your carb intake. Teddy Grahams contain 23 grams (8%) carbs, while our Honey Cinnamon Pretzels contain half the amount of carbs with only 13 grams (4%).

Honey Cinnamon Pretzels: 3; Teddy Grahams: 0


Do we even need to tell you why high levels of sugar are bad for you? It increases your bad cholesterol levels, increases your chances of diabetes, affects your hormones, has fat-promoting effects, is a contributing factor to obesity, and it’s addicting! Once again our Honey Cinnamon Pretzels are the better choice with only 3 grams of sugar compared to 8 grams of sugar found in Teddy Grams.

Honey Cinnamon Pretzels: 4; Teddy Grahams: 0

Our snack option is the clear winner here! Make the smart choice, and choose Honey Cinnamon Pretzels as your sweet pick me up! We promise that your health and taste buds will thank you!
Sarah Francis
Sarah Francis


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