Why Breakfast is the Most Essential Meal of the Day

A “fast” is a time period where you don’t eat or drink. Most often, people relate a “fast” to an extended period of time, where dedicated folk abstain from eating for compelling health or spiritual reasons. What you probably don’t realize is that by definition we “fast” every night when we sleep.

So why is breakfast so important you ask? Well, it’s when we break our “fast” and replenish our bodies of course!

It can be easy to forgo breakfast on a busy morning, but remember that breaking your nighttime fast can make all the difference in the day ahead of you! If you don’t have the time to cook something, we have plenty of easy on the go options to help kick start your day!

Here are just a few reasons why you should always make breakfast a priority.

  • 1. It improves cognitive function

  • Breakfast provides immediate fuel and nutrients to your body, so it’s no surprise that eating a healthy breakfast is beneficial for your brain. Breakfast restores glucose levels, which are carbohydrates needed for brain function. According to various studies, eating a good breakfast can improve concentration levels and overall mood, as well as memory!

  • 2. It increases energy levels

  • Depriving your body of food from dinner time until lunchtime the next day is not a smart move, and it ultimately has an effect on your energy levels. According to a study, eating a breakfast that is high in fiber and carbohydrates can help you feel less tired throughout the day. For an extra quick energy boost in the morning, try Boxtera’s Organic Super Green Energy Squares!

    3. It helps maintain healthy weight and metabolism 

    Eating breakfast can be the diet secret you’ve been searching for! According to a 2003 study, people who skip breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese than those who ate a morning meal. By skipping breakfast your blood sugar drops, which leads to unhealthy cravings and increased calorie intake during lunch and dinner. Try Boxtera’s Cherry Almond Crunch (Granola) - it contains only 40 calories from fat and tastes superb!

    4. It’s good for your heart

    Making sure you replenish your body after a night of sleeping does more than keep you awake, it promotes a healthier heart. People who forgo breakfast usually have higher cholesterol level, which is a major risk for heart disease. Eating breakfast also prevents diabetes and lowers your blood pressure. Try adding some of Boxtera’son your morning oatmeal; nuts are full of fiber and Vitamin E known to promote healthier hearts!

    Making sure you replenish your body after a night of sleeping does more than keep you awake, it promotes a healthier heart. People who forgo breakfast usually have higher cholesterol level, which is a major risk for heart disease. Eating breakfast also prevents diabetes and lowers your blood pressure. Try adding some of

    Making sure you replenish your body after a night of sleeping does more than keep you awake, it promotes a healthier heart. People who forgo breakfast usually have higher cholesterol level, which is a major risk for heart disease. Eating breakfast also prevents diabetes and lowers your blood pressure. Try adding some of Boxtera’s Healthy Hiker on your morning oatmeal; nuts are full of fiber and Vitamin E known to promote healthier hearts!

    For more quick and easy breakfast options, stop by Boxtera’s snack shop. Be sure to take a look at the Organic Flax and Hemp Granola and Rye Bagel Chips! Happy snacking!



    January 05, 2016


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    5 Apps for Healthy Living

    A balanced diet is just as important as exercise, but it’s not always easy! Last week we discussed tips on achieving your News Years resolutions towards a healthier lifestyle, and this week we will give you the tools you need to make sure you cross the finish line!

    In today's day and age it seems like there is an app for everything, and that includes healthy eating habits! In a study published by the Journal of Medical Internet Research, a group of 128 people were asked to track their weight loss efforts over six months with either an app, website, or diary. Results showed that over 93 percent of the app group stuck with tracking for the duration of the study, while the other participants fell behind with less than 55 percent loyalty. It also showed that weight loss for the people using apps was more substantial.

    So grab your phone and download the app for you! Here’s a list of five nutrition and diet apps that we believe will help you stay on track, count your calories, and shop for healthy foods.


    5 Apps for Healthy Living

    1. Fooducate

    Shopping for healthy food can be a nightmare! Almost every packaged food label is riddled with ingredients that typical folk don’t understand. With the app Fooducate you can quickly access nutritional data about food products by simply scanning the barcode. The app is a simple way to make sense of food labels, and it uses a straightforward A-D grade rating. With a description written in plain language you can better understand what is in the food you’re considering. It even offers healthy alternatives! This app is ideal for people who aspire to eat better but don’t know much about nutrition, not to mention it also includes calorie and exercise tracking abilities!

     2. MyFitnessPal

    If you’re an exercise addict who wants to precisely keep track of every calorie you consume MyFitnessPal will quickly become your new best friend! This app offers a database of over 2 million foods (and it’s growing every day) where you can look up and track the foods you eat with the help of a handy barcode scanner. It also has a recipe calculator for inputting your custom food creations. Other than tracking calories, you can track exercises and set goals.

     3. HealthyOut

    Just because you have made a goal to eat better does not mean you can’t enjoy the occasional night off from cooking. HealthyOut is a healthy meal finder that makes eating out or ordering delivery simple and customizable to your diet plan! The app helps you find healthy restaurants nearby, and healthy dishes. It supports a large variety of diet plans, so whether you're paleo or vegan, you will be able to find a meal that fits your needs!

     4. MyDietCoach

    Staying on track and accountable is difficult when you don’t have a mentor to help you along the way. With MyDietCoach you upload photos and quotes that inspire you, along with setting reminders and goals. The app gives you the freedom to encourage yourself in the ways you believe to be most effective! It’s truly like having motivational speaker everywhere you go to keep your eyes on the goal!

     5. Waterlogged

    Along with eating healthy you need to make sure that you’re staying hydrated! Many diet trackers do not include this vital factor. Waterlogged lets you track your daily water intake and set daily water intake goals. The super nifty part of this app is that it allows you to snap photos of your glass/water bottle for easy recording! Going premium allows you to unlock reminders, and integrate with your Fitbit!

    Do you have a favorite app that supports healthy eating habits? Please share in the comment section! Also, stop by our online shop to browse the healthy and delicious snacks we sell!


    5 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

    This is your year!

    Most of us make New Year's Resolution-- perhaps to lose weight, quit smoking, or hit the gym more--but most of us don’t follow through. Chances are you enter the new year with a gung ho attitude that quickly dwindles as the year progresses and life gets in the way.

    According to Nielsen data fitness resolutions are among the most popular. In 2015 37% of people made resolutions to stay fit and healthy and 32% of people made resolutions  to lose weight. The problem with this is that most of these people don’t actually stick to their goals. In 2014 76% of people reported they did not follow a weight loss or diet program.  

    Don’t get too down on yourself if what we explained above has happened to you! (It’s the majority of people). If you have plans to commit to healthier lifestyle in 2016, whether it be eating better, getting fit, or exercising, we have some simple tips to help your reach your goals! It won’t be easy, but with a little planning, accountability, and a positive attitude you will be able maintain your resolutions, big or small!

  • 1. Think realistically

  • When the ball drops we usually feel a rush of excitement for a fresh new start. Slow down! When making a New Year's resolution you don’t want to set yourself up for failure with a resolution that that may be too extreme to reach.

    Forget the goals like “I will go to the gym everyday this year”, or “I will you only eat salad”. Instead, try making sensible goals like “I will go to the gym at least three times a week”, or “I will cut out junk food and fast food out of my diet.” These goals are realistic and good starting points for a bigger goal of an overall healthy lifestyle.

    2. Keep a log

    Once you have decided on a realistic goal for yourself that you are confident you can succeed put your pen to paper. When you write your goals out on paper you’re turning your resolution into something tangible. Maybe you have a chalkboard in your kitchen that you want to write a little reminder on, or a journal you write in every day.

    If your goal is to eat better or lose weight it’s a smart idea to keep a log of your progress. A written record of what you have eaten and any physical activity you have done will help you better pinpoint any bad habits you have and things your can work on. Not to mention, it will encourage you when you see how your healthy lifestyle is evolving day by day!

    3. Tell your friends & family

    One thing that many people shy away from is sharing their resolutions with their inner circle. This is a defense mechanism for those that are worried they may fail. Instead, tell everyone your know, and be proud of your goals! It’s a big deal that you want to make healthy life choices, and your courage to make healthier choices may just inspire those around you!

    Friends and family can be great support system and will ultimately hold your more accountable! One great way to share your journey is through social media or a blog. By sharing your progress online you will feel more accountable to stick to your resolution and succeed!


    Boxtera is running a photo competition through the month of January to help keep our subscribers on track. Show us how you use Boxtera to stay healthy, share your photos with the hashtag #BoxteraResolution on Facebook & Twitter.


    4. Seek inspiration

    You should always seek inspiration and advice from people on similar journeys to yours. There are tons of bloggers out there that are passionate about healthy living, and their success (and failures) will be sure to inspire you to keep on going.

    Subscribe to your favorite blogs or newsletters and take a few minutes each day to read them. Not only is the success of others a huge inspiration, but it’s an opportunity to make connections with like-minded people through the comment section!

    5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

    We’re all human and we all get off track from time to time. Rather than reverting back to your old (unhealthy) ways after each failure, think of it as a minor setback! Giving up all together because you got off track once is the easy way out!

    In fact, rewarding yourself is something we strongly suggest! If that means a sweet treat after a grueling workout, go for it! (check out smart snacks from our shop here)

    We hope that these tips will help you keep your healthy eating resolutions in the year of 2016 and beyond! This is your year.



    Subscription Gift BoxStill stuck for gift ideas? Wondering what to get your fitness guru friend or family member? A Boxtera Monthly Membership is a gift that keeps on giving, every month! Delivered straight to their doorstep, your loved one will be reminded of your appreciation for them not just on Christmas, but each month! 

    Choose a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription to share.

    We all have a loved one that is a complete “foodie”, and while gift baskets full of their favorite goodies is quite thoughtful, they tend to be forgotten and devoured quickly. Here’s the down-low on why Boxtera Monthly Subscriptions are truly unique gifts that your family and friends can enjoy all year long!


  • 1. They’re customizable

  • We have something to satisfy every kind of taste bud! Whether your loved one enjoys sweet, salty, savory, sour, spicy, or bitter flavors we have something to fulfill any kind of craving! Some unique snacks we offer include our Plantain Coins, Hibiscus Flowers, Japanese Peanuts, Wholly Wheat Apple Cinnamon Bars, and BBQ Banana Chips. You won’t be able to create your own gift basket like by simply visiting your local grocery store. Every single Boxtera snack is incredibly unique and delicious!

    Are you worried about finding appropriate foods for your loved ones with strict diets? Don’t fret! We offer a ton of gluten free options like our Organic Super Green Energy Squares, Ridiculously Good Fruit Chips, Marvelous Mango Chews, and many more! We also offer vegan friendly snacks like our Organic Boxtera Bites and Organic Peanut Butter Hemp Chews! There is seriously something for every complicated eater in your life!

  • 2. They’re affordable

  • Most of the time finding a personal yet affordable gift is a difficult task--Boxtera Monthly Boxes are the exception! Our Standard Box comes with 5 snacks, and is perfect for someone who wants to try out a few of our recipes to see if they like what we offer (trust me, they will.)  For gift for the whole family, the Family Box offers 10 snacks per month. And then for businessman on the go who’s looking to gain some cool points with his/her employees this holiday season, there’s the Company Box that offers 20 snacks per month!

    Each subscription is 100% customizable, and range from $19.95 to 49.95! Consider what a great deal that is compared to creating your own gift basket, which is quite time consuming and expensive after buying numerous snacks, a basket, gift wrap and more! All of our members are sent specials deals and discounts to their email monthly, and we offer free shipping for all of our boxes! Be sure to Check out our December Special: $15 off w/ discount code: FMLYBX

  • 3. They require no dreaded trips to the mall

  • The mall during this time of year is complete and utter chaos. We have all been there. It’s two days before Christmas, you sit in traffic, search up and down for a parking spot, only to wait in hour long lines and have mini panic attacks on whether your loved one will even like the basic sweater in your hands. With Boxtera Monthly Boxes you can avoid this scenario all together. Customize their box to fit their taste buds, or let them choose what they want to include in it! It’s convenient for you, while still being thoughtful!

    Choose from Boxtera’s different monthly membership options here.

    Happy Snacking!


    Fruits are a necessity in everyone's diet. They provide us with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are hard to find in other foods. The ongoing debate surrounding these health boosters is which form is more beneficial-- dehydrated or fresh? We are here to relieve your concerns, and explain why dehydrated fruits are just as beneficial as fresh fruits. Don’t let their candy aisle location trip you up, they are quite healthy and delicious!

    Dehydrated fruit is fruit from which the majority of original water content has been removed either naturally, through sun frying, or through the use of specialized dryers or dehydrators. (insert here how Boxtera dries their fruits). So really the only difference between the two, is one has water, and one does not!

    One huge advantage to dehydrated fruit is their long shelf life. Having fresh fruit available at home is always great, but sometimes we buy too much, don’t eat them on time, and end up having to toss them because they have gone bad! Dried fruits will last you longer, helping you avoid this wasteful scenario all together! They’re also super convenient for activities like hiking and road trips.

    Dehydrated fruits also have a ton of fiber, which has a rep for keeping your regular, but it’s truly much more than that. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, fiber also helps prevent obesity, heart disease, and some forms of cancer! Try our Red Pepper Banana Chips, they contain 12% of your suggested daily value!

    One thing to remember when choosing dehydrated fruits over fresh fruit is the serving size! Since dried fruits often have added sugar to protect them from spoilage, their serving size will differ and usually suggest smaller portions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as healthy! Try our Marvelous Mango Chews that have less sugar added!

    Check out Boxtera’s selection of nature's candy here!


    teach children healthy snacking

    Teaching healthy eating habits to your children early in life will help them grow into healthy and strong adults. In a world where convenience trumps health, encouraging healthy snacking is not always easy, but we promise it’s worth the extra effort!

    Studies suggest that parents food preferences directly influence those of their children, and it has been reported that parents who ate diets high in saturated fats also had children that ate diets high in saturated fats. By being the kind of parent that chooses healthy snacks your children will follow your lead.

    Here are some simple tips on how parents can educate their children on healthy eating habits that will bring them lifelong health benefits.

  • Part of a parent's responsibility is to pass along healthy eating habits to their children. If you do your best to eat smart and exercise regularly, your children will notice your efforts and do the same. By providing access to high nutrient snacks you are shaping an environment for your children that is healthy. If a child grows up eating healthy, they’re more likely to continue.


    The easiest way to encourage your children to eat healthy is to provide them with easy access to high-nutrient snacks on a daily basis. By stocking your kitchen exclusively with healthy snacks they will eat them. Always make sure that fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks readily available to your children!


    By teaching your children where their food comes from at an early age they’re more likely to truly care about the source. A great way to do this is to take them to pick apples, visit a farm where they can talk to the individuals who grow their food, or by letting them help with gardening in the backyard. These fun family activities will nurture a love for natural and home-grown foods!


    Children like getting their way, and if you let them choose from a variety of healthy snacks, you and your child can both get your way! By providing kids with options they will not only feel more independent but they will enjoy the snack even more! It’s a win-win!


    With a Boxtera Monthly Family Box you and your family can take a huge step towards a healthier life. The Boxtera Monthly Family Box allows you to choose 10 different snacks for your family every month. With over 40 different snack options to choose from there’s something for every adult and child, no matter how picky they are.

    Reward Your Employees With Snacks

    Healthy Snacks for Employees

    The holidays are right around the corner, and as a boss there is no better time to show your appreciation for your employees than to purchase a Boxtera Monthly Membership for everyone to enjoy! Not only will you earn cool points in the office, but you will be promoting healthier eating habits!

    Everyone knows that snacking on junk food throughout the day can result in unwanted weight gain, but did you know that depending on what you snack on it can have a huge impact on your productivity? By providing your employees with high nutrient snacks you will see their mood, focus levels, and overall productivity improve! 

    FeedYourEmployeesEmployees value healthy options, according to a recent study conducted by ORC International, 83% of office workers agree that having fresh and healthy snack options provided in the work place is a huge perk. A shocking 66% of millennials agreed: "If I found a job at another company with better perks, including free snacks, I would take it." 

    The survey also found that free snacks do not go underutilized in the workplace. Among the offices who do provide free snacking options, nearly half of the workers (48%) consume a snack 1-4 times per week, while another three in ten (29%) snack once or more per day. This makes sense since 56% of all full-time office workers agree "I hit an afternoon slump if I don't have any snacks to refuel." 

    When that afternoon slump hits during the work day, most of us reach for the closest chocolate bar or other high sugar treat. The problem with this is that these snacks are full of empty calories and are not an ideal choice if you hope to be productive the remainder of the day. Snacks like almonds, trail mix, dark chocolate, or dried fruit are much smarter choices for both your brain power and focus levels! Not to mention, they’re delicious!

    Boxtera’s Monthly Company Box will send your office 20 different snacks every month for only $49.95! This particular box gives you the freedom to choose what snacks you want, with a huge selection of over 40 different snacks to choose from! Earn ever more cool points by conducting a survey with your employees on what snacks they would enjoy most!

    Some of our favorite energy boosting snacks include our Cherry Almond Crunch, Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Healthy Hiker, and Organic Boxtera Bites. For more snack options visit our snack shop.

    If you believe the Company Box is too large for your small company check out our other box options. We promise there is something for everyone's taste buds! Happy Snacking!


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